Project Description

MHealth and safe-abortion: Improving information about and access to safe misoprostol abortions in Indonesia

Background: In recent years, mobile phones have rapidly evolved as tools for health promotion and disease prevention in low-resource settings. While mobile health (mHealth) projects have successfully demonstrated improvements in sexual and reproductive health outcomes, to date, no full-scale mHealth project exists for improving information, access, or outcomes for abortion. This study aims to facilitate the development of a prototype mHealth smartphone application to provide information about and increase access to safe-abortion in Indonesia.

Methods: Between October, 2013 and January, 2014, fifteen in-depth interviews were conducted in collaboration with a safe-abortion hotline among Indonesian women ages 18 and older who had safely self-induced abortion using misoprostol.  Interviews explored four areas of interest: 1) Information needs about safe-abortion including questions and/or concerns about misoprostol 3) Individual mobile phone access and use patterns, comfort and literacy with mobile technologies, and 4) Desirable features of a safe-abortion mHealth smartphone application. IRB approval was granted by the UCSF committee on human research.

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